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Hi guys, I wish you a great 2018!

Here you can see a video of the artwork I’ve done in Brisbane,  Australia, in Irolank whare house with Ironlak products:

It’s part of my project called “Ephemeral Beauty” where I spoke about NYC graffiti writing style, story and flow according to my personal point of view.

The idea is to make a tribute to iconic walls or painted train on New York Subway in the 70′s and early 80tees from pioneers of this culture like Phase2, Tracy, Dondi, Case2, Iz the wiz, Daze or in this case Lee Quinones.

Lee it’s special for me because I started painting in summer 1990 in south Italy after I had seen a VHS of film”Wild Style”, it’s a film made in 1983.

It’s considered a classic film for Hip Hop community and it starts with image of Lee’s artwork.

I have had the opportunity, and big pleasure, to meet him in my trip in New York.

lee_wany_biss_newyork_2016Later some artworks became icon images with photos of Henry Chalfant and Martha Cooper on books “Subway Art” amd “Spray can art”.

Now the idea is to do a Print in limited editions of this artwork tribute for my show in Galo art Galley in Turin, Italy, on 9th of February.

You can order a copy here: here:

It’s a digital print, size A3, Limited edition. 50 copies signed and numerated for 60 Euro each one.

More details soon…

Thank You!


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